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Frau am Fenster sitzend, Bernd Hänsch, Fotograf Leipzig, BeHa_ART_Photography

Eroticism and the (morbid) charm of the 'lost places' in Leipzig - that is the signature of Beha-Art-Photography.


Erotic - sensual, lustful, romantic, full of devotion, hurtful, wicked ... That is the type of photos that attracts me. And for whom I wanted to undress ... A great deal of trust in professionalism immediately arose in the 'preliminary discussion'.


He is full of ideas and inspiration. Describe them patiently, let one participate / participate ... And finally 'indulge' in the shooting ...


This is the only way to create photos that show me an eroticism that I have never noticed before ... I am very grateful for the shooting !!!



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